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Our mission at Levine Center for Plastic Surgery is to help you accomplish your aesthetic goals.

In 2023, we are making it easier than ever to achieve your ideal look - from face to thighs - with EMSCULPT NEO + EMFACE.

Commit to your goals with a package of 8, 12 or 24 sessions that you can use for either treatment!
Choose which treatment you want every time you book.

Offer valid through January 21st, 2023. Must use all sessions before December 31st, 2023. See details below.

Build Muscle. Increase Strength. Decrease Fat.

Achieving your physical goals has never been easier. Just one 30-minute EMSCULPT NEO session is the equivalent of doing as many as 24,000 crunches or squats, while reducing fat by as much as 30% in the treated area.

How many sessions do I need?

Treatment sessions are only 30 minutes in length and 4 sessions spaced a week apart are recommended for ideal results. After the initial 4 sessions, you can enjoy the toning benefits of each session before a special event, beach vacation or to improve your athletic performance!

Treat multiple areas with your EMpossible package.

The FDA has approved EMSCULPT NEO to tone and strengthen the abdominal area, buttocks, calves, inner and outer thighs, and arms. You can choose to use your sessions per area. 

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EM Packages

"Four treatments spaced a week apart is equivalent to at least three months of HIIT because these muscle contractions are deeper, and the machine is able to target more of the abdominal muscles than exercise can." Dr. Jennifer Levine shared with SHAPE magazine.

“Electromagnetic stimulation goes beyond aesthetics,” Dr. Levine notes. “Our patients are accustomed to leaving our practice looking and feeling confident, and now they can also leave feeling stronger and healthier.”

Less Wrinkles. More Lift.

It's like EMSCULPT NEO for the face! EMFACE uses Synchronized RF and HIFES energies to simultaneously stimulate the production of collagen and elastin in the skin for a smoother appearance and builds muscles for a more defined, rejuvenated look.

The end result is less wrinkles and more lift naturally without needles. 

If you are just starting your rejuvenation journey or cannot have cosmetic fillers, EMFACE is an effective preventative and corrective treatments for signs of aging such as fine lines and mild skin laxity. If you are already enjoying the benefits of cosmetic fillers in your cheeks, EMFACE can help prolong the lifting results. 

How many sessions do I need?

EMFACE treats full face in only 20-minutes with 4 sessions recommended a week apart. No downtime is necessary so you can return to your normal routine right away!
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EM Packages

Unlike traditional facelifts, Emface treatments can be a fit for “almost every patient,” with Dr. Levine telling us, “Younger patients can benefit from prejuvenation. Older patients will notice a change in lift of the brow, lower face and corners of the mouth, as well as wrinkle reduction.”