MEET EMFACE™: The newest in non-surgical facial contouring.

Dr. Jennifer Levine is excited to be one of the first to offer EMFACE™ in New York City at our Upper East Side location.

EMFACE uses radio-frequency to tighten skin and HIFES technology to stimulate muscles that give your face an uplifted, rejuvenated and contoured look.

Introducing Emface's latest innovation - the Submentum applicator, designed for addressing the double chin.

While Emface already excels in improving the appearance of the submental region by 'lifting' facial tissue and defining the jawline, the new Submentum applicator takes it a step further. This cutting-edge addition allows for direct reduction of fat in the double chin area, providing an effective solution for a more sculpted and refined

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What is EMFACE™?

This exciting new treatment is revolutionizing facial aesthetics! It will offer facial contouring for the face, the way Emsculpt NEO offers it for the body.

EMFACE™ utilizes a patented technology of muscle contraction and skin tissue heating that works on sculpting and strengthening the elevator muscles.


How does EMFACE™ work?

EMFACE combines RF (Radiofrequency) and HIFES (High-Intensity Facial Electrical Stimulation) technology to tighten skin and tone facial muscles.

Applicators are placed on the forehead and each cheek. These applicators use RF to tighten skin and HIFES to specifically stimulate and tone the elevator muscles in each area of the face.

The elevators of the face include the frontalis (upper forehead) and the zygomaticus major and minor (cheek) muscles. The combination of the technologies increases the bulk of these muscles, lifting the facial skin, while also decreasing wrinkles and contouring the face.


What should I expect from my EMFACE™ treatment?

When you settle in comfortably into our treatment chair, we will place applicators on your forehead and near your cheeks.

During the 30-minute, pain-free, needle-free treatment, you will feel a warm sensation from the Radiofrequency (RF) which tightens your skin and a vibration from the HIFES technology, which works on activating your elevator muscles. These muscles then uplift your skin, giving you a more defined, contoured, rejuvenated appearance.


Does EMFACE™ hurt?

No. EMFACE™ is a 30-minute, pain-free, needle-free treatment. Patients report feeling a warm sensation which is the RF working to tighten skin, as well as a vibration from the HIFES. EMFACE™ has a self-regulating system that ensures that the proper heating and vibration is used to be effective while providing a pain-free experience.


Should I still get cheek fillers if I get the EMFACE™ treatment?

EMFACE™ is considered a needle-less filler because of its ability to build up the muscles under the cheeks that create the appearance of volume. While this may be enough for some to achieve the appearance of volume that harmonizes their facial features, other patients may benefit from having cheek filler.

Every face is different. As a double-board facial plastic surgeon, Dr. Jennifer Levine is an expert in facial anatomy. During your consultation, you will collaborate with her on the look you wish you achieve. At that time, she will recommend what treatment(s) will help you achieve your desired appearance.


Where can you get EMFACE™ in NYC?

At our office on the Upper East Side of Manhattan!

Dr. Jennifer Levine is serious about innovation. That’s why BTL, the manufacturer of the “EM” family of products that include Emsella, Emsculpt NEO, Emtone, EMFACE and more, have chosen her on several occasions to be the first providers in the United States to offer their treatments to you!

As with all our facial treatments, we expect to develop great combination treatments utilizing the contouring power of EMFACE™ to bring you the best results.