Dr. Jennifer Levine is a world-renowned expert on skin tightening with Ultherapy®.

In addition to providing Ultherapy® to her patients in New York City, Dr. Levine teaches her peers on how to achieve the best results with this FDA-cleared ultrasound technology. A double-board certified facial plastic surgeon, Dr. Levine names Ultherapy® as one of her favorite non-invasive skin tightening treatments because it addresses the same deep layers of skin as a surgical facelift. While it is not always a replacement for a surgical procedure, Ultherapy® can help with mild to moderate skin laxity.  


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What is Ultherapy®?  Ultherapy® is the only FDA-cleared treatment to use ultrasound for a face “lift”. While lasers improve the appearance of the superficial skin layers, Ultherapy® goes deep. The non-surgical skin tightening procedure affects the foundational layers, SMAS and Platysma, which support the skin.


Ultherapy® addresses the same layers of tissue as a surgical face lift.

Although Ultherapy® does not duplicate results achieved with a surgical facelift; it is an effective alternative for those with mild to moderately loose skin around the face and neck.

The cost of Ultherapy® can also be significantly lower than that of a full surgical facelift.

In New York City, Ultherapy® is also often utilized by young patients looking to stay ahead of the aging process. The skin-tightening treatment stimulates the natural production of collagen, tightening skin and lifting tissue to provide a rejuvenated appearance.