Buy 4 sessions or more, get 2 FREE Emsella sessions. ($1000 value). 

This offer is also valid for Coolsculpting.

Dr. Jennifer Levine was the first provider in the United States to offer EMSCULPT NEO system! Tone your muscles, quickly burn fat, and tighten skin with this treatment approved by the FDA for use on the abdomen, glutes, arms and thighs. Treatment sessions are only 30 minutes, and 3-4 treatments are equivalent to 6-12 months of strict diet and exercise. You can look better and feel stronger without invasive surgery or recovery time.

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How does EMSCULPT NEO work?

Combining radiofrequency heating and high intensity focused electromagnetic fields (HIFEM), the new EMSCULPT NEO system quickly burns fat while simultaneously tightening muscle fibers. Fat burning temperatures are achieved in 4 minutes or less, and automatic temperature control ensures that the target temperature is maintained through the entire procedure. High-intensity contractions build muscle mass, increasing strength and contouring the treatment area.

Safe and Pain-Free with Zero Downtime

EMSCULPT NEO produces results quickly with short sessions making this the perfect option for busy schedules. The treatments are painless, and patients can return to regular activities immediately after each session. The results of EMSCULPT have been tested through numerous clinical studies with safety and effectiveness evaluated with ultrasound, histology, and MRI. Heat levels and contraction cycles are continuously maintained for a comfortable experience throughout the entire treatment session.

What Areas Can Be Treated?

The FDA has approved EMSCULPT NEO to tone and strengthen the buttocks, calves, thighs, arms, and the abdominal area. We specifically offer treatments for buttocks and abdominal area. Abdominal sessions are effective at burning fat and building muscle. EMSCULPT can also treat Rectus Diastasus, the separation of abdominal muscles, which is common after pregnancy.

Why Dr. Levine?

Dr. Jennifer Levine has extensive experience with EMSCULPT and other popular body contouring procedures. As a top Manhattan plastic surgeon, Dr. Levine understands the technology of non-surgical treatments, and patients from all over the country visit her for her expertise and professionalism. If you’re ready to learn more about EMSCULPT NEO, contact our office today.


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